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Roofing Revolution

Roofing is an interesting niche. In fact it may one of a kind. I sat down with a roofing owner and he explained to me the inner workings of running a roofing business. Turns out there is not a lot of profit margin in it unless you do a larger roof. When it is all said …

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Revolutionizing Trees

Trees. We can’t survive without them. They can’t survive without us. They are the Revolutionizing aspect of Earth and this company is the forerunner for keeping it that way. Tampa Tree Cutters. They are a simple company who relies on simple formulas to keep trees looking healthy. The idea is to let the tree do …

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To Bag or not to Bag

To Bag or Not to Bag? One common question experts get about lawns in Florida is whether or not clippings should be bagged. The answer is that it really depends. Grass clippings, in appropriate amounts, can allow your grass to recycle nutrients, keeping your grass healthier. But, if the clippings are excessive, they can contribute …

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