Roofing Revolution

Roofing is an interesting niche. In fact it may one of a kind.

I sat down with a roofing owner and he explained to me the inner workings of running a roofing business. Turns out there is not a lot of profit margin in it unless you do a larger roof.

When it is all said and done he is bringing in 7% of each job. When you do a smaller $1200 job then you are looking at a couple bucks. The key is to get the bigger roof jobs.

Some companies do 550 million in roofing sales and take home 12% of that! It is all about having a system in place to streamline the process and target just one or two factors of roofing.

There is alot involved with warranties as well. If you offer them them then you have to be able to service them when the service call comes in. If you underbid the job then you are taking away from the backend of the profit.

Just to say if you want to revolutionize the roofing industry then we need a standardized pricing system and you select the company based on several factors.

I am not certain yet how to set this up but there has to be a way.

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