Revolutionizing Trees

Trees. We can’t survive without them. They can’t survive without us. They are the Revolutionizing aspect of Earth and this company is the forerunner for keeping it that way. Tampa Tree Cutters.

They are a simple company who relies on simple formulas to keep trees looking healthy. The idea is to let the tree do its thing that it has done for forever. Keep it thriving and surviving and we all benefit.

One thing they don’t like is cutting trees down and not replacing them. One thing that has gotten a lot better in the last 50 years is reforestation. There are more trees today than there were 50 years ago. Imagine if this was not the case?

We would be in trouble.

All it takes is some forward thinking people to put a halt on mindless pursuits for wood, which we all need, and find a way to sustain it. We now can meet the demand and population growth handily.

Those people deserve a Nobel Peace Prize.

Another thing Tampa Tree Cutters likes to do is maintain the foliage of a tree. Over growth of limbs and drag the resources a tree needs to gain height. They are like growing solar panels. The higher they get the better reception they harness. That energy of course is photosynthesis.

I really like this company with their simple approach. If we had a couple hundred more of them like this we would have a much healthier ecosystem than ever.

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