To Bag or not to Bag

To Bag or Not to Bag?

One common question experts get about lawns in Florida is whether or not clippings should be bagged. The answer is that it really depends.

Grass clippings, in appropriate amounts, can allow your grass to recycle nutrients, keeping your grass healthier. But, if the clippings are excessive, they can contribute to thatch which can choke out your yard.

Make sure you know what kind of turf you have, and that you mow it properly. If you mow your yard to the proper heights and at the ideal frequency, you generally don’t need to bag. Here’s more information about mowing heights and frequencies.

Many homeowners sometimes have situations where mowing gets out of control. In fact, during rainy season it can be difficult to find a time to mow when your yard isn’t too wet. If you clip off more than 1/3 of the grass blade, you will need to either bag, or at least use a rake to break up clumps.

If you are mowing a grassy area, the grass may clump, even if it isn’t too long. Ideally, you should break the clumps up with a rake so it can spread evenly. If you can’t break up the clumps sufficiently, consider either bagging, or raking up the clumps and bagging them manually after you mow.

Remember that in addition to proper mowing, your lawn will need to be treated regularly with the appropriate types and amounts of fungicides, herbicides and pest control products. Feel free to contact us if you want help making your Tampa yard look its best.


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