Join the revolution

beer-cansJoin the revolution, the canned revolution. It’s not just us; we know you feel the same. Breweries and beer aficionados can unite right here.

If you ever thought that you were alone, then why would there be an actual Beer Can Museum? This is in Massachusetts in case you were wondering. The first tin can of any sort dates back to 1810 and was allegedly invented by Frenchman Philippe de Girard.

Most cans a circular in shape, but they can come in all shapes and sizes. Think of sardines – that’s a can and its oval shaped. You probably don’t even realise what cans are used for, not just our beloved beer and other consumables. They are commonly used for carrying paint, flammables and even be made into watering cans.

The beauty of cans is the recycling factor. The materials used to make tin cans range from aluminium to steel and of course tin itself. The products can be melted down and reused or reissued as is. I know a quaint little café that uses old tin cans to hold cutlery on the tables. Shabby chic is the way forward!

Back to beers, or as the Aussie’s say “tinnies”. The first beer can ever produced was in 1935. The fact that beers are still produced to this day in tins or even aluminium shaped bottles speaks volumes. Although an aluminium bottle will cost you more, people are willing to pay the premium for flavour. Yes, the container of a drink or food really does affect the flavour.

From a personal perspective, I favour aluminium bottled beers, the flavour is just that bit more crisps, and in the hot summers, the drink stays colder longer than in the traditional glass bottle. So join me in the canned revolution!


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